Thursday, March 31, 2011

He slept ALL night!

And he is back asleep! We had a rough day yesterday with 5 hours of chopped up sleep the night before and only a 20 minute nap (just long enough to get a quick shower) so we were very ready for bed last night. Dad started rocking him after his 9:15 feeding and it wasn't looking good...wide eyed. At 10:30 we finally got him to sleep in the crib and we went to bed too. Ahhh. At 3:15 I woke up with a boob ache! Wow, I thought to myself, he has gone 6 hours since his last feeding and I have gotten 4.5 hours of straight sleep. Man, I wish my boobs didn't hurt... Next thing I knew it was 5:30 and it was a milk bath on my side of the bed! I made a beeline for the nursery. Yep, he was still alive! I couldn't get that breast pump turned on fast enough. Just then, he made a tiny squeak and it was time for breakfast! So, for the record, because yes, I am keeping a record, (so many commas--not sure they were correctly used) Wade went 8.5 hours between feedings and slept for 7 hours. That means I slept for 7 STRAIGHT hours too!! Bless you my son. God is good--all the time. Its gonna be a great day! Watch out 8 hours. We are comimg for you.

Sorry for the bad video skills, the goofy baby talk and that I keep accidentally focusing on a trash bag of dirty diapers in the background. He is smiling so much now and I never get it on video. I am trying!

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  1. Way to go Wade!!! The most Lydie manages is 6.5, but it is pretty routine. But 7.5!!! And what a cute video! I want to squeeze him!