Saturday, March 26, 2011

7 "Interesting" Facts

I don't really understand the rules, but there is a blog 'award' going around and I was an after thought winner after I whined about not being chosen:) Turns out, not really proud of how it all went down BUT! Silver lining: I get to fill out my 7 interesting facts, which if it were 17 interesting facts one of them would be that I love filing out forms, lists, questionnaires, etc... So here goes!

1. I can correctly tell what time it is, down to the minute, on demand. I should be on time more than I am...

2. I can do the Vanilla Ice gang sign. Google him. It was his signature hand move. I had a poster of him doing it when I was in junior high, ok maybe high school.

3. I hate saying "good morning". Especially when I am at work. Even worse is the pressure to wish everyone a happy July 4th or Halloween when I don't care about those holidays.

4. I think dribbling a basketball while running is the most amazing human feat and think if I practiced every day for the rest of my life I would never be able to do it.

5. Long countoured toenails are sick and I don't think I can be close friends with anyone who ever uses a nail file on their toe nails.

6. Always put soda in the glass first then add ice. Tasts better. This is more of a helpful tip, rather than a fact. So fact: I love soda. Almost more than chocolate. I could drink it constantly if I let myself. Diet Pepsi, Cherry Coke Zero 24/7!

7. I can only work the tv remote when I hold it in my right hand. Worst fear is I will suffer a right hand injury and not be able to watch tv!

Bonus fact: I started writing a book 5 or 6 years ago. It's a suspence. It's terrible. I woke up one Saturday morning and rushed out to the laptop and started typing. Then, a few hours later, realized that I was writing the plot to Sleeping with the Enemy, but the made for tv version. Justin loves to threaten to read it when we have company over. Maybe at my funeral.

Done! Thank you Miller Family for your nomination.

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  1. What?! Cherry Coke Zero? Never even heard of it! Need it now!!!!! No ice though. Never ice. Only cold in a can from the fridge or directly from the tap.

  2. Also... Not sure I understand #1. I can tell someone the time immediately too if I'm looking at a clock. Are you saying without a clock? If so, I'm not buying it. I'm just not.

    I also would LOVE to read your book! I loved Sleeping With the Enemy, but anymore I think it would be too scary for me! Need the TV version! What a gift you must have.

  3. Just now seeing this. And I need to address your concerns..
    1. Yes, Cherry Coke Zero. Look for it.
    2. I can GUESS the time correctly, yes I can! Don't need no watch!
    3. You would love my book. Mine is a rare talent.