Saturday, December 19, 2009

32nd Birthday Celebration Day!

So Justin and I have a deal that on my birthday I plan the day and Justin does everything with me. May not be some people's idea of fun, but having the personality that I do, it works well. This is also a slam dunk for my husband since I am saved from disappointment. Here are a few thoughts/reflections on the perfect day.

8:00 Woke up. Late for me. I did try to sleep in but didn't want to miss any fun.

9:00 Breakfast at Panera w/ Justin. I am no longer Starbucks biggest fan. Gasp! I think Panera's carmel latte is perfection, followed closely by the coffee I make at home (it's more milk and sugar than coffee really).

10:00 Flea Market. Found the Christmas sweater vest for $3.98 for our office's dress up day on Wednesday. We asked, it is NOT tacky Christmas sweater day. But, isn't every Christmas sweater tacky? I appologize in advance for how I will look on Wednesday.

11:30 Pistal Pete store. I decided that since 32 and OSU rhyme, I needed to buy something OSU related. Turns out, it was not worth $60.

12:20 Scholozsky's ( I have no idea how to spell that). Fate stepped in. Our order no. was 32. It was a preordained lunch.

1:10 3 hour movie=2012. Is is bad that I cared more about the dog making it than anyone else? I also would like to take a moment to talk about toilet seat covers. I used quite a few public restrooms today and I am a fan in general of using the toilet seat covers (when available) as opposed to hovering. My only problem is that it is a race against time to get yourself 'seated' before the cover sinks into the toilet! It's the worst when you have on a belt!

5:00 Reservations at Flemmings. I have never had reservations before. It felt pretty darn special. My husband was so cute. Ordered for me and let me eat most of the desert. The best food I have ever had in my life. And! They gave me a box of truffles as a gift for spending my birthday there! Although, trust me. We paid for it in the end:)

6:30 Stroll around/window shopping in Utica Square. The trees are lit. There is Christmas music playing outside. Some of the stores were still open. Didn't buy anything (Justin's favorite part)

7:05 Drive to look at Christmas lights in Maple Ridge.

7:17 Drive home. I mean, how many Christmas lights can you look at?

Perfect day. Tomorrow (my real birthday) will be spent doing laundry and wrapping Christmas presents---totally worth it!

Thank you babe for the best birthday---love you!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cooper Chockley Christmas Party

I hired the ultimate murder to put on a mystery for our office Christmas party dinner at Molly's Landing in Catoosa. It was a total blast! I truly have not had that much fun in a long time. I was a wallflower of course, a little intimadated by the cast and by the crazies on our team who were playing along a little too well:) Dr. Chockley jumped in with both feet and even gave one of the victims mouth to mouth--yikes. Pictures say it all. BTW--My alias was "Sin-amon"---got no laughs.