Friday, January 11, 2013

70 Degrees!

Perfect day to play outside!  Wade is so big.  He is totally into the rocks in the flower bed.  No toys needed!


Look at my cool rock!

Dad is so funny!

Rock love!

Action drool shot

Forehead to forehead with Shay is the best:)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Starting something new!

 First, I have to share a few pics of my favorite boy.  This is the face we usually see.
 But, isn't he the sweetest like this?!?
 This was a little peek a boo game with momma...

 This is a random photo of my junked out kitchen.  Need a change.  Nothing is worse than seeing photos of your kitchen. 
 This is a picture of a menu board that I created a few months ago.  The reason behind this is two fold.  I needed to organize my meals and keep track of what I needed to make when.  The main reason was so Justin would quit asking "What's for dinner?"  Check the board, bud. 

Ok, so the title of my post does mean something.  I have recently re-discovered Pinterest.  I love it.  In love with it.  Love=Pinterest.  I had some issues before with some weird porno type photos showing up constantly in my search.  I guess I had followed someone I didn't know and now that is over and fixed and so I can freely roam again without naked people showing up everywhere.  So, what is the new thing I started, you might ask?  This week I have planned my entire menu from Pinterest!  My motto is, I pin it, I do it!  Some of it.  Ok, just the food.  Some of the food.  Most of the food is dream food that I only wish I could eat.  So, here is day one!
Cilantro Thai Grilled Chicken
 You know how most bloggers take these beautiful photos of the food that they are preparing?  Me neither. 
Oven Roasted Cauliflower
I saw this site once that has a collection of "pinterest fails".  I wouldn't say that either of these foods was a fail but they both turned out a lot different from their photos.  The cauliflower burned on the bottom but that didn't change the fact that is was UNBELIEVABLE!  Everything about it was good.  Easy to make.  Inexpensive and so yummy.  I have definitely never said that about cauliflower before and maybe never even a veggie.  The chicken was good.  Good flavor from the marinade.  Next time I will cut my breats in half to make them thinner so the flavor will be more intense. 

Day one (will call it "White Bites") was a success!  Next up, lots of zucchini!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Tulsa Zoo!

First time to the zoo!  Took Wade a little while to realize that we weren't there to people watch, find sticks, find bugs but to see animals instead!  The giraffes were the highlight!  The observation deck puts you so close to them.  Couldn't stop photographing their crazy tongues.  It was too hot for the lions or tigers to be out.  Summer bummer!

Wade got goat licked!  He wasn't into it.