Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Such a handsome fella!  We were on our way to the Christmas Eve service. 

Fake smile :(  Wade's is fake too.

I see a ghost in this picture!  I look craz-o but Wade is so sweet with all those teeth!

Justin's family tradition was to open one gift on Christmas Eve.  Wade misunderstood.  He heard "eat one gift".

Christmas Day we went over to my parents house to eat dinner and open gifts. 

Thanks Aunt Denise for our special Christmas outfit! 

Christmas Train

Love this hat!  Wade, not so much.

Wade is ready to cheer for the OSU Cowboys! 

Christmas Train!  This place is magical!!  Wade, not so much.  Maybe next year Bud.

Train was AWESOME!  Wade was such a good sport.  This other baby was freaking out.  Crying.  annoying.  Wade just looked out the window and enjoyed the ride!  He is an exceptionally well behaved child:)

9 Month Pics

So, these pictures were taken about 6 weeks ago and I have been really negligent about updating the blog!  Wade was so sweet during this shoot!  It was a perfect fall day at Zink Park.  We played football, threw leaves and got a sweet bff kiss from Miss Bigs!