Sunday, March 13, 2011

End of Week 2!

I can't figure this blog suff out...this is a picture of our first walk a few days ago. Wade slept the entire time. Got some vitamin D! I have been bad about taking pictures! I need to do it even if it just of us at home doing nothing...

The second day home from the hospital Dr. Sood ordered light therapy to cure Wade's jaundice. It was the most heartbreaking thing to put those goggles on and stick him in that tank! After he settled down, it wasn't as bad and Justin and I took shifts for 24 hours, keeping an eye on him while he was in the tank. Next day, our bilirubin (spell?) numbers were fine and we were done!

We are so tired! I want a full nites sleep so bad! I would give up diet Pepsi forever to get 8 straight hours! Other than that, we are doing well. Our days are particularly good and nights are getting better. Figured out (after 4 hours of screaming last night) that we had a raging diaper rash. Went right to sleep after we put the Desitin on! Love that stuff!

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