Sunday, March 20, 2011

Weird Pictures

Not to be gross but...look at the size of those ankles! These pics were taken about a week after Wade was born and the swelling did go down once I slept for more than 1 hour at a time---I guess you do need to put your feet above your heart. Wish I had taken pics of my whole legs because it was not just my ankles that were swollen. Knees were crazy too.

These are the strange pictures that the hospital photographer took right before we checked out. She was really a nice lady but I didn't like ANY of the pictures she took. I did snag them from the website because regardless of what weirdness was done to him, Wade is the sweetest!

Bringing Blossom hats back!

Love him--should have just put him in a diaper or something. Love him still...And! He really looks nothing like this now. Need to take more pictures! He is changing so much.

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  1. Liss! Wade looks sad! He didn't like the lady!! I feel like her problem might have been the editing step. Maybe the photo creativity too. But I don't care. He is precious. Liked his pictures better than the ankles!