Thursday, April 7, 2011

But, I love cheese!

Justin and I had our first 'Date Night' on Saturday since the baby was born. It was great! Got out of the house, had a little something fruity to drink and talked to my husband about things other than breast feeding, sleep and poop. Yippee! I had seen these signs around town that were advertising a creamery at Utica Square...what? Ice cream at Utica!!???! So, I made my husband take me there after dinner for a little ice cream. Delish! It's my new fav. They are simular to Marble Slab because you can pick your ingredients and they mash it up for you. I got Oreo and pecan.
Little did I know, this may be the last ice cream I eat for the next year! (thank goodness I didn't buy the Freckles Groupon a few days ago). Yes, I am sad to say that at the pediatrician's office earlier today I was told to avoid all dairy, nuts, corn and tomatoes to see if Wade has some intollerences that might be causing him to scream when he is eating. Really, what she should have told me was, "Eat boiled chicken and lima beans". I am being immature about this. In my heart of hearts I want to keep Wades tummy from hurting but I love all the things she told me I can't have AND! these restrictions may last until after I stop breast feeding. Sigh. Good thing I love him cause I feel like I am being asked to give up Diet Pepsi or something (which I am NOT!). Coffee is off the menu though because of the creamer. Not desparate enough to try a non-dairy powdery creamer. Nope. Just going to have another Diet Pepsi for breakfast...with my boiled chicken patty.
Look how happy I am! Ice cream, I will miss you the most. One day we will meet again. Of course, I have still been terrible about taking pictures of the baby! I have a new video of him from my phone...he is so smiley! Love him!


  1. Smiles! I love ya! Get on over here to Chas!! Don't let your mom give up all the fun stuff. Tell her you'll work it out! Tummy is still new, but ever maturing!! Tell her Aunt Jackie never bought into those lies. Well, briefly with Ruthie, but then came to her senses... Keep the smiles coming!!

  2. I feel like I NEED that fruity drink!! Looks delicious...and the ice cream too. I'll eat your share! :) (But not in front of you.) Love Waders and we had a great time watching him while you and Justin enjoyed "Date Night". Anytime!!! :)