Sunday, February 6, 2011

15 Days of Baby

Wade will be here before we know it! And we are ready. Really ready. We owe a large part of the readiness to Blizzard 2011 which dumped 14 inches on us and kept us house bound for 4 days! During those long long days, we were able to tie up some loose ends and put the last few things in order for our little buddy to arrive. Along with things like setting up the pack n play in our room and putting the baby safe mattress cover on the crib, we also cleaned the house! I mean, really cleaned. Used Magic Eraser on almost every surface I could reach! Those things are amazing. I don't know what is in them so I am perfectly fine believing it is magic. Curtains got washed, ironed and re-hung. Floors were mopped (hardwoods are ususally very neglected in my house). Took pictures and shelves off the walls and power washed them before they were hung back up. All this to say, thank you storm, you have changed our lives for the better.

It was also really fun to be home (I'd say until day 3.5) with my hubby! Not that we fight much anymore, but we got along very well and had a lot of fun together! 24/7 with someone usually gets old but not the Wallaces! We can't get enough of each other! :) By the way, they are predicting 5-8 more inches for Tuesday....

In all the storm chaos, I did manage to miss 2 doctors appointments and evedently for a diabetic I might as well have put a gun to my head. I am sure I will make up for it this week. The truth is, God be the glory for a fantastic pregnancy. I have had NO problems! The 36 doctors that are attempting to manage my care are completely turning a blind eye to this fact. I don't think that wellness is even considered. Oh you are a diabetic, well, you and the baby are gonners if we do not micro mangae the life out of you ourselves. I will say, I have not been a very good patient. I have refused and lied to my doctors to keep them at bay. I am not proud of this but they went to far! The one test that has been called for by our high risk OB Dr. Blake, is a contraction stress test where at the hospital they monitor the baby during strong contractions. I will spare the details of how they get those strong contractions started but it's a little over the top. Justin and I feel very at peace about deciding not to participate in those tests. Especially, since all the information I found showed that this test is called for only when you baby is failing the non-stress tests, or you have a crazy doctor:)

I want to close by saying that I have every intention of blogging regularly from now on and especially over the next 15 days. I didn't journal (even though I have 3 beautiful pregnancy journals) and I want to have a record of where my mind was during this time, while I am still sleeping and collected enough to sit at the computer.

Alissa's Pregnancy Tip of the Day:
Take 2 Benadryl every night before bed. Saved my life.

Lissy out!

ps--Have not taken any pictures lately. I will make it happen today. Maybe just from the chest down. Thunder neck is back, this time with a goat coat!

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