Thursday, February 10, 2011

? Days till Baby

We should find out tomorrow when she is going to induce! We want Friday February 18th but I have heard that if she is not on call over that weekend she will not do it and we will have to wait until the 21st. But, I have an evil plan!

Somehow I found myself in the hospital on Tuesday waiting to have a contraction stress test! I swore I would not do this to myself. I was weak. My ob's nurse called me on Monday and called me out! She said, "dr. tran knows that you are planning on skiping the cst (she told on me!) and she said you absolutely have to go." what do you say to that? well, now I can think of 10 things I could have said but at the time all I could say was, "yes ma'am." So, I was put in a labor and delivery room, strapped to a monitor and told to stimulate my nipples (one at a time) for two minutes. This started some serious contractions which baby Wade survived beautifully. Of course, then they had a hard time getting my contractions to stop! Ouch! I will say the silver lining is:
1. Learned what contractions feel like---I HAVE been having them!
2. Got to experience a dry run in the delivery room. I have to admit I have been nervous about being there. Feel much better now.
3. No castrol oil to induce labor for me! Just got to pinch a nip! It's a slam dunk.

That is the plan. No more cst's. I am going to be strong.

You can guess what I'll be doing bright and early next Friday morning!

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