Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Long Days Till Baby!

My poor feet!

Since my last note we have had a lot of ups and downs, baby speaking.

Last Friday, my OB told me that I was making ZERO progress towards labor and wanted to start talking about the idea of a c-section. NO!!! I think my womb shuddered at the mere mention of the word! She went on to explain that we have 3 strikes against us having a vaginal birth---1) Diabetes 2) Big baby 3) Unfavorable cervix for induction. Sounded series to me at first...then I realized that none of this was new information! I asked her if it was normal for a first time mother not to be thinned or dialated at 37 weeks and she said yes, totally normal.

So, fighting against this gut panic reaction to slice and dice, I told my doctor to give me one more week to start dialating.

I did a lot of great contracting this week. Lifted things. Ate spicey foods.

My week was up today.

Nothing. Zero. Nada. Heartbroken.

Not so fast, put the scalpals away.

The plan is in place to try to kick start my body into labor one last time. We are going into the hospital on Sunday night to have my cervix ripened. Yum. This 'procedure' will do what my body was supposed to be doing on its own in the last few weeks. I should have strong contractions causing dialation, thinning, softening, etc... As long as we are cooking on high by Monday morning, let the induction begin!

The "C" word is still out there but I am putting mind over matter. Prayer works. We serve a God who made this body of mine as well as the large baby that inside me. We trust that He has us in His hands.

Either way, we will have a baby on Monday!

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