Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Maternity Pics!

My friend Nena so sweetly offered to take some pictures of me to document this pregnancy. We took them on Friday at Dilly Deli in downtown Tulsa. My baby shower was at the deli on Saturday! The other cool part was Nena is getting married this fall and having her reception there! So, she was excited to take photographs there too. I am 7 months along and now is when everyone says to take pics because you are not too big yet but are big enough to look pregnant, not just like a lardo. Poor me because my butt and my neck are inflating and I gave Nena the impossible task of trying to hide those things in the pics. No chance! But, it is what it is and she did a great job. These are some of my favorites! Oh yeah, and we decided to name the baby Wade! Wade William Wallace..... dot com.


  1. Gorgeous!! You have nice maternity clothes! I can't find half of mine so I just keep wearing my regular clothes 1/2 way up my belly. Would never opt for pics at this point... And your friend did a great job! I wish I had ones in a cool location instead of 100 pictures of me looking at my belly in the back yard, or starring out the window of the baby's room. Weird. So, way to go!! Wade will love them!

  2. Love the pics and the updated blog!! Way to go Lissy! Some of my favorites are the ones outside!! You did a great job and so did Nena! Ryan and I loved being a part of this day...and we can't wait to meet WADE!! :)