Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh Yeah, I have a Blog...

Hi!  We know about 5words now.  "Hi, bye, bath, ball and Shay (name of our dog and all dogs and cats, according to Wade)".  All other words are "Eesh".  No 'mommy' no 'daddy'...just "eesh".

We suck our finger.  Yes we do. 

Sucking his finger and putting something up to his nose with his other hand is our favorite routine.  He'll use a blanket, shirt, tree branch, food, shoelace, etc.

Being outside is the best!  Even when it's 100 degrees:(

Wade is watching his dad remove a wasps nest.  Probably was a parenting fail to leave him out there while the wasps were being poked. 
 We remodeled our bathroom!  The original 1950's pink tile is gone as well as the brown dungeon paint.  It would make sense for me to have some after photos but I don't!

Wade finally learned how to blow his horn. 

If this were a video you would hear the most beautiful music.

Nope.  That end doesn't make noise.

No, not everything makes noise when you blow on it. 

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