Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pools and Parties!

My mom is celebrating her 70th birthday on Tuesday and we got together on Saturday to eat and open a gift. Wade helped her open it!  Evidently there was a present for Wade in there as well...the tissue paper!

Wait, maybe my mom loved the tissue paper too.

Everything was going so well until my mom started force feeding the tissue paper to Wade.

We got a pool!  It's AWESOME!  It was the best $10 we have spent maybe ever.  Wade loves it.  In a mature exceptionally bright kind of way.  

"Guys!  I see the pool."

"Put me down quick.   It's right over there!"

Water was freezing. 

Wade hated the hat.

Best part:  He stayed in it!  I'm sure that won't last for long.  Come on over!  And bring your toys!  Ours are kind of lame.

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