Tuesday, April 17, 2012


These pictures kind of got jumbled up but it is not important enough for me to try to figure out how to fix them!  Wade is a reader.  Loves his books.  No NEW books.  Only the books that he has been reading for months.  Pull out a new one and he pushes it away.  Love it when he reads to himself! 
Easter egg hunting is boring when you are 1!  Wade couldn't have cared less about the eggs.  Glad we didn't go to much trouble.  My friend Denna told me about a milk/egg free chocolate and so I got some chips to put in his eggs.  Thought it would be the best!  Wade spit them out.  He is so healthy:) 
Not my favorite picture of myself but it is what it is!  This was after church Easter Sunday. 
Such a sweet picture!  Wade is so blessed to have his 'dranma and dranpa' in his life!

"I'ts Pajama Time!  The moon is up, it's getting late..."

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