Friday, August 31, 2012

What we did in August...

 I think from now on I will blog once a month!  Will give it a try...  Our friend Ryan turned 3!  We helped her celebrate with all her big kid friends. 

 Shay is our old buddy, old pal.  She just doesn't know it yet.  Shay is just a loner at heart and Wade is committed to getting her out of that comfortable rut she's in.
 Wade is into pushing things along the floor.  Or pulling them.  Or swinging them at the tv, and the dog.
 Rock n roll forever!  Wade is going as Gene Simmons this Halloween. 
 Starting to play with stuff.  Our Weebles bus has a toilet that flushes.  Way cool.
 And, we totally suck our finger.  There is something a little 007 about this picture. 

 We went to Branson last weekend and had a ton of fun with all the cousins, aunt, uncles and of course Nana and Papa.

 Cousin Dane gave us a chair set that he had outgrown.  It's just perfect for Wade to relax on!
 I am committed to getting more pictures of Wade and I.  I think there are less than 10 pictures of us since he was born.  Too bad I had just worked out before I took this picture of us.  I'm sorry, that was a lie.  
Football has officially started!  And Wade loves the football pjs that his friend Cohen got him! 

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