Tuesday, October 5, 2010

19 Week Old BOY!

So, I keep forgetting to have Justin take pictures of my growing mid-section. Last nite I just decided that even though I was in my pj's, it was picture time! I don't fee like I have grown that much until I compare this pic to the one we took at 15 weeks! Yowza!

We also found out yesterday at our first high risk OB appointment that we are having a BOY! It finally feels more real now. Justin is very very excited that he is having a son---we both wanted a boy and now that we are 98% sure that is what we are having it feels ok to admit that!

On the very graphic ultrasound picture, the arrow is pointing to the proof that we are having a boy. It's looking up at him--as if he were sitting on a glass top table. You can even see his cute little butt cheeks!
Let the name battle begin!

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