Friday, September 10, 2010

15 Weeks!

I have not had much to blog about lately but I think this bump is worth talking about! Feeling great and counting down to the High Risk OB appt on October 4th where hopefully we will find out what we are having! Either way the nursery is staying tan (we are NOT painting!) but I can't wait to start making the crib bedding and curtains!

This ultrasound picture was from our last OB visit at 13 weeks. Evidently, the monster face is normal!


  1. Monster!!! Seriously can't believe you're finding out the sex of baby only 4 days after we are. Something's wrong with that b/c I've been makin' my baby a lot longer than you!! Either way - I can't wait to see if "Harold" is really in there, or if there's a chance for another name... :) BTW - who is the Harold that Justin likes? I'm sure it is some sports person I don't know anyway - but I'm curious.

  2. eeek!!!! baby bump fun! can't wait to see you this weekend! let's do lots of walking at the fair and get this little one out! that is my goal anyway :) love you and so glad to hear everything is still going so well!!!

  3. BABY WALLACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Need to know what you are, boy or girl!!'s growing on me (just kidding)...Bigs think you should name your baby "Bigs #2"! We can't wait and I like your baby bump!! So cute!! :)