Friday, April 30, 2010

Joe Mamas is For Real!

This is what Justin said midway through his meal. FACT! Joe Mammas is for real!

We have been dieting so going out to eat tonite was a big deal and I want to say that we made a splendid choice for blowing it! Ate at El Guapos last weekend with Dionne (another dieting mistake) and had a blast! We walked past Joe Mamma's Pizza on the way to the car and it looked cool. It is cool! And! The food is so so good! Our waiter was unique (he is in the background in the pic of me) as to be expected and kind of reminded us of Zach Galafinacus (no way that is spelled right).

Good date nite. New Tulsa favorite. Diet starts again tomorrow!


  1. This makes me think about this guy Joe I "went with" in 9th grade. He was over our house one time - his name was Joe Landa - and his mom called for him. Well, my mom answered the phone and his mom said, "is Joe Landa there?" (Not sure why she used full name) And my mom thought she said, "Joe Mama" and she said, "No Joe Mama isn't here." And the conversation went on like that for quite some time... Awkward when you're in 9th grade. I was mortified. Anyway... there's no point to that story - just reminded me of it.

    That pizza looks good!! But I don't think it is pizza. But it still looks good!! Where is that place?

    And Cintas! Comin' at cha live! So many rabbit trails here! I feel like it was that type of post though. Waiter, Dionne, diet, pizza... endless topics.

  2. That reminds me of our patient Cole Miller. His mom always called him by his full name. That is a funny story. I think this is the first I have heard of Joe Landa. I feel like you would have to say it with an accent.

    No pizza for us. Downtown Tulsa. New favorite!

  3. I think your waiter is the same one that served us when Kris, Matthew, Ryan, and I were all there for Erin's photography showcase...funny!