Friday, March 16, 2012

It's a Caterpillar Party!

 So, Wades party was a month ago and I am just getting around to putting any pictures up :(  It was so fun and our little house was so full of love and sugar!  My in-laws and SIL Lori came with cousins Dane and Colby the night before.  They were such a HUGE help when it came to putting all the food together.  I had seen all these cute caterpillar food ideas on-line and attempted ALL of them!  In the end, it was yummy and I was glad I had Lori around to keep me on track! 
My mom and Wade are the best of buds.

 "Uncle Justin" and Ryan


The Wilmerings.  Look at all that hair Cohen has!

I made this shirt for about $.77!  It was supposed to look like a number 1... not quite!

Dionne and Selby



Love this picture of Justin and his mom

We love Miss Selby!

This is Wade's "I'm Done" face.  It was the only face we saw during 'cake time'.  He didn't want to be dirty! 

Look at his face, "ehh, something is on my hand"

Courtesy Smile

"Eeeh!  Now there is something on my other hand!"

The dirty boy get's cleaned up!

Our favorite Aunt Jenny who look all of these sweet pictures for us!

Nana and Papa

My weird hand!  I always ruin perfectly good pictures with strange hand/arm placements.

Aunt Lori "Sissy" can party plan with me any day! 

Grandma and Grandpa with their little bud.

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