Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Chair

This post has been on my heart for awhile. As if I don't have anything important to think about, my chair has been front and center. I am madly in love with this chair. Without question this is my favorite place to be when I am at home. I spend time during the day dreaming about how soon I will get to sit in this chair. Really, there is nothing special about it. It's just a perfect blend of so many little things that make it so special. Let's take a second to analyize those things.
#1 Bargain: I found this chair at a garage sale last year for $53. I am a bargain junkie and therefore the price is key. Anyone can find a great chair, but how many great chairs can you find for $53?
#2 Location: I squeezed this chair into the corner on my side of the bed. Notice the stack of books by the chair. This is the perfect place to read a book--which is the main thing I do in this chair. Before owning this chair, I would have to read in bed or in the living room. Would fall asleep in 5 mintues or end up watching tv instead of reading. No good.
#3 Comfort: This may be a given but worth mentioning. This chair is exceptional in this category. In fact, on occation, I have been known to nap in this chair. Best nap time is 8:30pm. Some might say that this is when my blood sugar is elevated from dinner and I could nap anywhere, but I disagree.
#4 Chair Accessories: The chair is great on it's own but I have improved upon it by adding some finishing touches. The ottoman is a given, it came with the chair. Who would sit in a chair without a foot rest? The pillow is a must. I use it in my lap for a book rest. Perfect. My other 'must have' is a very soft blanket (not pictured). I tried a snuggie and was horribly disappointed.
#5 Mood: Soft background noise (fan), lamp light only, beverage on the night stand and VIP company only (Shay). The chair is at it's best if you are enjoying time by yourself.
That concludes my list. These may lousy and insignificant reasons to some but I insist that if the house was on fire, my chair would be the first thing I grabbed---add that to the list, portable.

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