Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Your Favorite Time of Year?

Here is a conversation I just had with Justin...

J: It's almost your favorite time of year!
A: Really?
J: Guess what's happening on March 14th?
A: Spring?
J: No.
A: Shay's birthday?
J: We forgot Shay's birthday! It was last week! Happy late birthday Shabby. And, no.
A: St. Patrick's Day?
J: No! That's March 17th. What is happening on March 14th!?! It's almost here! It's your favorite thing.
A: Spring? (Again, just in case he hadn't heard the first time I guessed that).
J: No.
A: Goodnite, I give up.
J: You can't give up! You hate surprises! It's going to bug you all nite! What is happening on March 14th?
A: We turn in the basketball bracket things? (This was an excellent guess by the way)
J: No.
A: Love you, see you tomorrow.
J: Ok, I'll tell you. It's Daylight Savings Time! Your favorite!
A: Huh. Three cheers for time change!

I feel pathetic first of all that my husband thought that this was my favorite time of year! What does that say about me? It all boils down to the truth of the matter which is, this is Justin's least favorite time of year because of how worked up I get about any time change. It's a big adjustment for me to move one hour either direction and so there are many daily routines that are affected. This absolutely drives Justin crazy. Look at him! He knows the date! March 14th for crying out loud. He is counting down the days until he will be torchered! Maybe I should ease up on him a little bit this year. Maybe I should have a party on the 14th.

Enjoy the next 13 days my love. It's coming!

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