Sunday, September 4, 2011

More 6 month Pics

 I had big plans for the chalk pictures but Wade's only plan was to chew on the "W". 
 Wade also had plans to chew on his finger.  I need to get a photo of him sucking his thumb.  Somehow, he does it upside down.  So cute. 
 Here's our "Squawker" with his "Squeaker".
 Wanted to get a few pictures of our buddy's fat body!  He is so squishy.  He learned how to sit up a few days after we took these photos.  Poor guy was not happy about being displayed in this manner:)
 One of my favorites!  He looks so big.
 Wade was done at this point.  The grass was interesting enough to keep him from crying.  Love the hair.
Sitting!  Sort of.  Fell and hit his head on a tiny stick right after this was taken.  Poor bud. 
Thanks aunt Jenny for another cute photo session and my sweet airplane outfit! 

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