Thursday, August 11, 2011


Somehow over the last 5 months Wade has become "Bud" "Budsy" or "Budsy Bud". Justin and I actually tried to make up a nick name for Wade and "Wadesy" or "Waders" just didn't really stick. He's our Bud. Can't fight it. Something new is the toe chewing. Impressive really. Especially when you see the rolls this kid is packin! Wade is chewing on everything. His fingers, toes, my chin... Funny when you go get him in the morning the feet of his pj's are usually wet:)

I am really bad about getting the real camera out to take photos. I grab my phone more often and those pictures are usually blurry. The other issue is that all the photos I do take are all in the same places. Bouncy seat, bathtub, crib... Wade leads a simple life.
Bath time, my beloved. We have a really small bath lounger for Wade and he barely fits on it anymore. Not really sure what to do with him next... He doesn't care. As long as he can splash and chew he is happy.

The bath seat is not the only thing we have outgrown! I feel like Wade could stand up and start walking at any minute. He is so so so big! Almost 17 lbs at his last appt and over 26" long. I have fought it but we are finally admitting that 12 month clothes really do fit us best.
Wade truly is the best baby who ever lived. Sleeps all night. Plays and laughs all the time. We can't get enough of him! What a blessing he is to Justin and I.

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