Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who knew you were a shoe?!

I am just getting the hang of this blogging thing and trying to find other people who have a blog. My dear friend Denna White has one and so I decided to google her to see if her blog would come up. Shazam! Denna is a shoe! Resonably priced I might add. The best part is the last line...never would have figured you for a sell out Denna!

Because of my limited blogging skills I have no idea how to put the picture of the shoe on here.

Denna, I am so jealous! I want my own shoe. You and Jessica Simpson:) But does JS have 'color pop'?

Timberland Denna White Smooth w/ Orange Top of Form
Today: $40.11
Brief Description
Item#: 11633970
o Playful athletic styling with lots of detail and color pop.
o Comforia™ contoured, multi-density footbed.
o Supple leather or metallic leather upper with perf detailing.
Sell out Risk high!

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